Teddy Bears For Children in Need of Looking After

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There are a number of Free mason lodges who aim to provide teddies for children who are in Hospital , accident and emergency clinics.
One is Teddies for Loving Care, based in Hampshire. Their aim is to provide teddies to staff as well as children directly, allowing staff to decide who would gain most from having a teddy to cuddle.,
They make a point of attaching a label to each teddy and this helps greatly in promoting public recognition that free masons do indeed perform good and beneficial charitable work.
All the donations are paid for by members themselves and in a focused effort, they make teddies available to 9 local hospitals.
Donations are of course able to be made via the grand charity steward and he will also include, in his remit, donations to hospices and refuges

Should you wish to donate you can do so at Grand Charity, 60 Great Queen street, London. This can be in the form of a gift or a cheque . Having a good relationship with staff members in hospitals and support centres, ensures the success of the campaign.

The free masonary branch in Northants is another chapter also carrying out work under the TLC banner dating back to 2001, the organisation aims as does, to provide teddies to call hospital staff to hand out to children having treatment at the hospital and in need of some love and care. Perhaps the spread of the idea originated here, because several chapters of free masons have taken up the cause and contribute in their own regions.

As a matter of course teddies are distributed at Children’s hospital wards, accident units, and centres who support emotionally disturbed children.

In North Hamptonshire alone, there are over 20 stations who have a stock of bears for fire fighters who can be called out on a moments notice, to attend serious fires and where children are involved. New ways of reaching children continue and a channel has now been set up to donate teddies to domestic trauma family situations.

On the numbers side, over 90,000 teddies have been distributed with over 9,000 every year and feedback for those on the scene at the time has been very positive.
Occasionally we have very special bears donated which, on investigation on the web, shows prices of £200. Jigsaw puzzles are also a great help to children in hospital.

when are charlie bears on qvc?” gives this info).This is well above our normal range of teddy and is a little embarrasing when handing out to a child. .However we are grateful to the donors and will do our best to hand it out on a special occasion or special support need