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Created by Jenny at Stonebridge Regalia, these 5 inch jointed teddy bears are ideal for functions, ceremonies, fund raising events and gifts for the Mason who thinks he has everything.

Our mail order service is able to supply any number of Masonic teddies anywhere in the world and you can order yours now by e-mail, telephone, fax
Whilst the teddies displayed on this web site are modelling regalia which is symbolic of United Grand Lodge of England, we can produce miniature regalia for any other constitution world-wide. For more details, contact us.

Operating from Bristol in the UK, we are able to supply Masonic teddy bears to the Masonic fraternity all over the world via our mail order service.

The table below shows 6 of the different teddies we will be offering when we start production.

£4.99 (UK)
£6.20 (world-wide)
Entered Apprentice
£4.99 (UK)
£6.20 (world-wide)
Worshipful Master
£9.50 (UK)
£10.75 (world-wide)
Provincial Officer
£12.50 (UK)
£13.75 (world-wide)
Royal Arch Mason
£13.50 (UK)
£14.75 (world-wide)
£4.99 (UK)
£6.20 (world-wide)
Master Mason
£4.99 (UK)
£6.20 (world-wide)
Mark Master Mason
£6.50 (UK)
£7.75 (world-wide)

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2 thoughts on “Mail order page”

  1. I will support British made toys always. I know I am a little xenophobic but i like to keep jobs right here in the UK. Please update asap with prices and availability.
    David Arnsen

  2. We are starting a local campaign for children in our local hospital in Northhampton. Teddies like these would be ideal. Please let me know when they will be available
    Jack Stone
    Northampton Lodge

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