Shropshire FreeMasons ask for £150 a years for teddy bear charity

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Many free mason lodges generate funds for their TLC  program (teddies for loving care) by running community and local events such as raffles and weekend fund raisers. In order to set a target TLC have asked for £150 per year from lodges including Shropshire.

The teddy bears themselves are now available for staff to hand out to children in several regional hospitals including Ludlow and the Princess Royal Hospital. They are even being carried by the Midlands Air Ambulance service. A nice touch is the creation of little teddy badges which can be worn on the lapel. These indicate you are part of the appeal and are actively involved in promoting the concept of providing teddies for children when they are in need. Enterprising  organisers ask for a cash donation to buy these badges. This is a good psychology because most members are very proud of the movement and are happy to buy and wear the little teddies.

Feedback from nurses is very positive and it is quite clear they have taken on board the simple gesture of giving out teddies when they feel a child would respond well to it.

South Wales are also doing their bit for 3,000 children

The chapter put on an event to celebrate 300 years in order to raise funds. Nationally the TLC organisation has provided over 2 million teddies to all hospitals and these have been mainly provided through freemasonery work. Their most recent event was at St. Lythans.

As a result of the success, over 3,000 children will benefit. and the £4,000 raised will be put to immediate use in continuing to provide teddies to many A&E hospitals in their region. Ambitious targets of 20,000 teddies per year have been set for the whole of South Wales and picnic events play a major part in achieving these fantastic amounts.

As with any successful event, good planning and an input of good ideas, play a major part in their success. With the additional fortune of good weather, extra attractions were added on the day such as bouncing castles etc.

The other advantage of hot weather is the increase in demand for ice cream and the organisers were not slow to capitalise on this and further increase the revenue.

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